I dropped my purse on Space Mountain…

Story Time.

Am I the only one who has a list of apprehensions when going to theme parks? My list goes a little like this…

  1. Being super late and not being able to enjoy any rides
  2. Getting stuck on a roller coaster
  3. Fainting from heat exhaustion
  4. Losing my wallet/keys/clothing/whatever on a ride
  5. Getting kidnapped lol

I have been going to theme parks (Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, DisneyWorld, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure…to name a few…yes, one of the perks of living in Florida) since I was a wee miss and, until this past Thursday, I have had no mishaps. I considered myself an A+ rider.

Let me tell you my shame.

Although I have been to Walt Disney World multiple times, I have actually never ridden Space Mountain. You know, that roller coaster in Tomorrowland that zips you around in the dark. The reasons for why I never got to try it before changed as my age progressed. I was either too young, too tired, too chicken, or it was too broken (haha). But, now that I am in my full-blown braver 20’s (I am a big girl now, damn it), it was finally my time to take on this classic Disney thrill ride. And I was excited about it.

Picture this: It was our first ride of the day. We had a FastPass+. We only waited like 10 minutes in line. I get front row. I’m excited. I’m pumped. I’m ready to ride this thing. They rocket us off into hyperspace and I let out my first scream. The whips and turns and sudden dips in the dark were everything I thought they would be! Super fun!

“This day is going to be awesome,” I thought to myself, “What an amazing start! What a great first ride!” I then touched my side, where I stored my Mickey ears. Awesome, they didn’t fall out.

But as we started rolling back in, my ride-high had turned to horror.

Where the hell is my purse?! 

Yep. It fell out. I made a rookie mistake and did not strap it to my body. I thought if I had just wrapped in my legs, it would have been fine. But… I was stupid. It…fell…out…on…the…ride. I dropped my purse into a ride called Space Mountain. As if that doesn’t sound huge enough!

Long story short: I asked help from a cast member who said “You’re gonna have to wait until the park closes before we can look for anything in the ride. You probably won’t find out until after midnight.” Instant freak out mode. I reported what happened to someone in the gift shop, who asked help from another cast member, who had to call upper management, who then called the same cast member who said they couldn’t help me until the end of the night, who then talked to me and said that they would have to stop the ride and there is no guarantee they’d even find it, *time passes by* …aaaaannnddddd…they stopped the ride to look for my purse.

I know, I know, I know. I turned into one of those hateful people who ruins your day by halting the ride over something stupid. I clearly remember standing in line for The Hulk back in High School saying, “What an idiot! Why do they have to ruin the day for the rest of us?!” I didn’t put myself in their shoes. And, here I am, purse-less, upset at myself that I let this happen. I could blame no one else but myself. Karma.

The story has a happy ending though. They actually found my purse rather quickly! This whole ordeal might have lasted only 30 minutes (even though it felt like hours). My day went from fantastic to horrific to relief-filled. All thanks to the amazing cast members who took the time to help me out. Can you imagine what my day would have been like if I had to wait until the end of the day?!

*Side note: I looked up what Space Mountain looks like with the lights on  and it is HUGE. They must be trained to look for a needle in a haystack for situations like this because, like I said, they found it really fast.

Thanks Disney for turning a sour moment sweet! It really is the happiest place on earth!

Stay tuned for Tips for Disney!

I was all smiles AFTERWARDS. >_<


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