Princess Diaries Adventure in the Fisherman’s Wharf | San Francisco, CA

How close do you think we got to the original?

If you’re like me, you grew up loving 2001’s The Princess Diaries (set in San Francisco, CA). If you’re even more like me, when you  visit a city, you enjoy going to the sites of famous movies. One of my favorite scenes from TPD is when Mia takes her grandmother to enjoy a day at the Fisherman’s Wharf. They arm wrestle a masked luchador, eat corn dogs,and take goofy pictures in an old-fashioned photo booth. So guess what? So did we! Follow us as we recreate some of the memorable parts of the movie!


Musée Mécanique is located near Pier 45 in The Fisherman’s Wharf, right next
to Fisherman’s Grotto. As the sign boasts, they have a plethora of antique and new coin operated games alike! There are some very unique items in there; things I have never seen before and probably will never see anywhere else. I highly recommend visiting, even if you aren’t a Princess Diaries fan. The best part? It’s free to get in and only pennies to play.


Meet the arm wrestler! Don’t be fooled – he’s tougher than he looks. Costing only a quarter to challenge him, you can choose from the hardest level (welter) to the wimpiest level (fly). I chose fly obviously. You get two tries, yet both seem to just fly by because you’re too busy being pinned down by this mechanical luchador! He’s strong, ok?! We took turns, Elyssa going first and being defeated. I suffered the same fate right after. We must have been causing a scene because people were stopping to watch us and laugh. We were just happy to be touching the same hand that touched Julie Andrews (and maybe a thousand other hands before and after her)! Don’t worry, I wiped it down just like she did in the movie.


Have you ever tried an old fashioned photo booth? It’s so much fun! It flashes with that *poof* sound and then takes about 10 minutes to print out your pictures (not for the impatient). The ink was still a little wet when we pulled it out. It smelled like it could give you lead poisoning too! Haha.


Do not make the same blunder we did and mistake this photo booth for the one in the movie. There are like FIVE different ones in Musée Mécanique, so make sure you go to THIS one for the legit experience. Of course it was the last one that we came across. We must have spent about $15 on photo booth pictures. Not that I mind 🙂


I highly suggest visiting the sites of your favorite TV shows and movies. It brings you closer to the characters! Who doesn’t want to relive the magic and have the joy of experiencing it all over again?

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