It is hard to put things into words sometimes, huh? Have you ever experienced something so significant, to the point of awe-inspiring, that you take it upon yourself to share it others… but it just can’t be expressed the way you want it to? I think that is why a lot of blogs fail. They cannot eloquently put into words why they are choosing to write about this topic. I used to read my entries over and wonder, “Why should I post this? Why would anyone else care about this?”. It would boggle my mind why more people weren’t escalating with excitement or asking me more questions. I want to help people understand why I am so happy about this thing so badly.

But I have learned that some things are just a (as the annoying expression goes) “you had to be there” moment. I would rather have a person truly share in my elation than blankly nod their head in a blatant misunderstanding.

I have learned that some instances are meant to resonate with you, and you alone. And that is okay.

I sent a letter to one of my favorite pen pals, Mari, about a trip I took to New Orleans earlier this year. I wrote about every aspect of my visit with a diligent hand. I knew she shared the same curiosity about this famous city that I had once had, so I chose to share all my experiences with her. I included a short copy of a couple pages here, I hope you enjoy:



“Wandering the streets by myself and at my own pace was surreal. I took in everything and appreciated the opportunity to even be in such a cool place. I had an attraction to the stoops in NOLA. For some reason they beckoned me saying, “Tiffany! Come sit down on me!”. So I obliged. There was this one building – I don’t know if it was a restaurant or hotel, but it was so big and had tiers of balconies on it. There were a lot of plants and garden statues to veer at. I decided to sit down on a stoop across the street and enjoy the view. As I sat down, I noticed how quickly people were walking by. But, amidst the crowd, they’d be others in a restaurant uniform or a man carrying a saxophone case that had a bit of a slower pace to their walk. That’s when I noticed that the people rushing by were the tourists. I got odd looks from them as they walked past me. But I didn’t care, I was too busy enjoying the building in my gaze. Next to the garden statue of a fat cherub shooting an arrow, a bubble machine started spewing out tiny bubbles. How fun! As I enjoyed the floating, there was a loud slam from a door on the 2nd balcony. It was 4 guys, clearly drunk, and they stumbled over to the side of the balcony and started yelling at passerbys. They used beads as way to grab peoples attention, as if their incessant yelling wasn’t enough. I took that as my cue to leave. My favorite moment ruined by some drunk guys. Go figure.”

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